Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Practicing Discernment # 5

Lon Fendall says that "becoming aware of God's movement and hearing His voice is all conditional on practicing the presence of Christ" (Practicing Discernment, page 37). Jesus taught us in John 15:3-4 that real intimacy with God is experienced through Jesus when we are with Jesus. The essence to real life and transformation occurs only through connection with Jesus. Being with Him daily is the most important thing in this life.

I read recently about an ordinary farmer who experienced this very thing. He is known to us today as Brother Lawrence. After his conversion in midlife, he joined a monastery, hoping to cultivate his relationship with Jesus. Instead, he was assigned to permanent dish duty in the kitchen.

Although he was initially discouraged because of no time to observe religious rites and formal studies of the scriptures, he began focusing his energy on practicing the presence of Christ as he washed pot and pans. Much to his joy, he soon discovered that it was possible to abide in the presence of Jesus while we worked in the kitchen.

He eventually found out that the activity of daily life was not impeding upon his communion with his Savior. In fact, whenever his mind began to drift from thoughts of Christ he would simply return his attention to the Lord and his relationship would quickly refresh. Soon Brother Lawrence was radiating the presence of Jesus to such a degree the the monks of the monastery where lining up at the door of the kitchen to learn the secret of the Christian life!

Brother Lawrence is only one example of countless numbers of ordinary people who have found extraordinary peace, joy, power, and purpose through living in a present reality with Jesus. When the goal of our lives change from trying to figure out what is right behavior to cultivating a present reality with Jesus we to will experience true life in the Son! Practicing discernment in life is simply walking in the reality of Jesus! What say you?

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