Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Brazil Mission

I want to thank each of you who offered to pray for the Brazil church planting project for the next 40 days. My goal was to have 40 people praying for my March trip and at this point I have 42! PTL!

I will be submitting "prayer action items" each week. Today I want to include an informational letter for you to read from Frank Penna. Frank will be traveling with me to Brazil and assisting us in planting 400 new churches. Enjoy his words and thank you again for joining the prayer team.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010,

Thanks to all who have agreed to pray with us over the next few weeks. You are joining (at least) 40 others, some from the World Renewal Family, some from the Evangelical Friends Church-Eastern Region family, and those of you in my extended family and friends. I am thrilled with the fact that we are beginning this process by bathing it in prayer and intercession. God will be faithful to hear and answer our prayers!!

I aim to keep this simple, but effective and effectiveness will have a lot to do with consistency. Just a few minutes of prayer every day by so many people over this period of time will make for great results.

To begin, I suggest you take one of more pieces of paper that you can place in strategic spots (as a bookmark in your Bible, on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror, car dash), anywhere that will serve as a reminder to pray. Write on the paper 40/400. That means we are praying for 40 days for 400 communities within a days drive of Carpina, Brazil that do not have a gospel preaching church. The Lord has opened a door for Evangelical Friends churches to be planted in those places. We need His power, His anointing, His wisdom, and more to follow His lead in that effort. Sometime soon you will receive some of the names of those communities, but for now, here are a few of the requests on my heart over the next few days. Please join me as the Lord reminds you (especially when you see 40/400!).

Please Pray:

1) That the Lord Jesus Christ will be the focus of all we say do as we proceed. In the myriad of details and decisions to be made, we want to lift Him up in order that Brazilian men, women and children will be drawn to Him and Him alone.

2) That Brazilian leaders will be raised up, called and anointed as needed for this task.

3) That the Holy Spirit will give us direction and prepare the communities where we can be most effective.

4) For Steve Turner, Adrian Halverstadt, Frank Penna and Tele Moraes as they prepare to meet for two weeks in March for planning sessions.

God bless you all. 40/400 prayers are already making a difference!

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