Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brazil objectives

Mission Trip Performa
March 18-30, 2010
Submitted by: Adrian Halverstadt

Vision: (What do I want this mission trip to be primarily known for?)
Through this mission trip I want to be known as the “eyes and feet” of the Evangelical Friends Church-Eastern Region on the ground in northern Brazil gathering information useful for discernment and implementation of Kingdom building opportunities and as an extension of her “heart” for the Brazilian people to feel, define, and develop trust in for future partnership in ministry.

Mission: (What is my purpose for this mission trip?)
Evangelical Friends Church-Eastern Region
- To assist in opening a new mission field in Brazil with the intent of having at least one new EFC-ER church established by Easter of 2011 and an additional churches in the Following years.

- To obtain pertinent information for discernment and future planning
> Identify four church planting locations in the region of Carpina, Brazil
> Gather pictures and video useful for planning, promotion and prayer
> Identify indigenous Spirit-filled leadership and establish an international virtuous cycle of communication:

- Locate a “leader among leaders” who is strong in administration and savvy in communication
- Locate two leaders who possess a call and skill set for church planting and a fervor for evangelism

Virtuous communication:
- to develop a narrative of shared interest, passionate goals, ideas and tools, and
God stories of success

- develop a relational connection among leaders and supporters (future goal is to obtain 1000 supporters with virtual connection)

- to create mobilization through education, empowerment, and respect

- Define EFC-ER to Brazilians as an international community of Christ followers
who are “Great Command and Commission” in purpose

Willoughby Hills Friends Church
- To extend the ministry and influence of WHFC into Brazil

- To stoke the fire of excitement and expectancy during this time of transition
at WHFC by representing her as a commissioned servant, sharing favorable
reports on God’s activity in Brazil, and identifying connection points for future
involvement and the sharing of resources in northern Brazil for the glory of God.

- To answer the call/leading of the Holy Spirit to support the vision of EFC-ER

- To assess and discern future ministry opportunities for the Halverstadts in Brazil

- To exercise my spiritual gifts of preaching, teaching and administration as
opportunities present in Brazil

Barclay College
- To explore opportunities for BC to engage Kingdom building in Brazil through
partnership with EFC, Community Churches, and World Renewal International

Demonstrate Association:
- BC is an Evangelical Friends institution of higher education and is Great
Command and Commission in purpose.

- BC can quantitatively impact EFC’s vision for Brazil through human resources
> short term - faculty an staff can facilitate church teams

> mid term - faculty and students can provide extended on site service in
4-12 week intervals
- indigenous training
- field development
- higher relational intelligence and cultural relevance

> long term - greater exposure to students to the work of the Holy Spirit
through EFC missions with the hope that many would decide to return
for long term service

- BC can raise the organizational intelligence of EFC’s missions by:
> placing more skilled personnel on the field to gather information, assess
cultural needs, and network on location over longer periods
of time (8-12 week periods).

- Greater exposure for Barclay College to EFC and world

- Strengthen the academic matrix of BC through cross culture experience

- Expands the mission statement of BC internationally

- Explore the viability of a BC extension site in northeast Brazil

Objectives: (How will I focus my resources and measure my success?)
- Fulfill the stated vision and mission as stated

- Meet the rigors of the trip itinerary as listed below:
3/18 - Mission Board at WOC at 9:30 am
- Depart Akron/Canton Airport at 6:30 pm
3/19- Travel
3/20-29 -TBD (by Frank and Tele)
3/30-31 - Travel

Strategy: (What S.M.A.R.T. “Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and
Time-bound” goals do I have in preparation for the trip?)

- Purchase tickets by 2/20 (done $1499.70)

- Secure 40 prayer partners by 2/22 (44 as of 2/23)

- Post weekly prayer updates on my blog and FB page

- Apply for a Brazilian tourist Visa by 3/6

- Set itinerary with Frank and Tele by 3/6

- Submit final draft of the trip Performa to Dr. John Williams by 3/6

- Finalize budget by 3/6
Air - $1499.70
Ground transportation, lodging & food - $1000 (per Frank’s estimation)
Brazilian tourist visa - $300

- Prepare sermons, lectures and interview questionnaire by 3/17

- Pick up video equipment and cell phone with GMS from WOC on 3/18

- Attend Mission Board meeting on 3/18
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