Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Day Job

My job description at Willoughby Hills Friends Church includes the administration of the church and staff. Without a plan I will not be effective. This is my philosophy of church administration.

Church administration is handled in two ways. The first involves information gathering, decision making and maintaining the mechanics of the organization. These processes must be relevant to the complexities of the church, measurable and time bound. The results produced through such processes of administration must then be compiled and presented in a fashion appropriate for action to ensue. Good decisions are generally made when these principles are applied and not left to the whim, will or emotion of individual(s).

The same would be true in measuring the effectiveness of the organization. Emotion can be deceiving at times. The state of the church or her effectiveness in completing stated objectives cannot be allocated to “I feel” statements but must consider the facts presented through the use of consistent processes such as those outlined above.

Secondly, administrating a church involves seeing the church as an emotional, relational, spiritual system through which decisions are made utilizing effective communication. Thus, the proper administration of the church requires healthy communication at appropriate levels within the organization. Full disclosure of opinion and emotion must be shared by leaders as they collectively evaluate the data in conjunction with prayer and the consensus of the Holy Spirit’s leading.

The unique design of the church does not permit decisions to be made in a vacuum. Rather it requires the application of a method by which information is evaluated using the dynamics of communication. It is the responsibility of the Executive Pastor to oversee the development, function, and effectiveness of the church’s processes and to participate in the dynamic procedures of the church through open dialog and spiritual application.

What are your thoughts on the mechanics of the church and what could pastors do to better manage the organization in your opinion?

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