Thursday, October 22, 2009

Saturday Men's Fight Club

Oh my... It looks like an entire week has gone by since my last post. Wow, where has this week gone? Anyhow, this week (Lord willing) men will gather once again on Saturday at 7:30 am in the WHFC Cafe for Fight Club. Our study time will take us deeper into the Epistle of First John.

We will begin this week with section two of John's writings. In this section John is describing for his readers how Jesus Christ is the embodiment of right doctrine and behavior. In verses 1:5 through 4:6 John presents a two-fold test which determines if a Christian has right doctrine and practices right behavior according to God's expectations and standards. The first part of the two-fold test is fellowship. The following is a portion of the outline we will be using as a guide over the next few weeks.

The Two Part Test of Right Doctrine and Behavior (I John 1:5-4:6)

I. The First Part of the Two-fold Test for Right Doctrine and Behavior is Fellowship (1:5-2:29).

A. Walking in the Light is a true sign of fellowship (1:5-2:4)

1. God is Light (1:5)

What is significant about this statement?

2. True Christians walk in the Light (1:6-10)

What are the two results of walking in the Light? (1:7)

a) _________

b) _________

What are the three consequence of not walking in the Light? (1:6, 8, 10)

a) _________ (1:6)

b) _________ (1:8)

c) _________ (1:10)

3. To not walk in the Light is the meaning of sin (1:6, 10)

4. Jesus Christ provides forgiveness of sin for those who have not walked in the Light (2:1-2)

5. The benefit that comes from walking in the Light (2:3-29)

1) The assurance of knowing Christ (2:3)

2) Is deemed perfect in the eyes of God (2:5)

a. Perfection equals obedience in God's eyes (2:3-6)

b. Perfection is demonstrated through love for fellow man (2:7-11)

c. Perfection is the litmus test for ones love for God (2:12-17)

d. Perfection proves loyalty to Christ (2:18-25)

e. Perfection is the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer (2:26-27)

f. Perfection is the only source of confidence one can have in preparation for Christ's appearing (2:28-29)

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