Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Relationships at Church

The strength of the local church is determined by the relationships people form within the congregation. "A big part of what draws people to faith communities is their desire (God created need actually) for caring and supportive relationships. They may initially be drawn to a church because it offers programs or features that meet situational needs in their lives; however studies reveal that it people do not form a significant relational connection within the first few weeks of attending (somewhere between 2-6 weeks) they drift away. Facilities and programs, no matter how excellent, do not satisfy the deeper relational needs of people. Relationship is what holds them and transforms their lives" (Practicing Right Relationship, Sellon & Smith, pg. 5-6).

How can we do a better job of assimilating guests and new/recent attenders into the relational fold of the Church during the 2-6 week window? I'm looking for ideas ... What say you?

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