Friday, August 14, 2009

Sunday evening - Concert of Prayer

This Sunday night the Church who call themselves Willoughby Hills Friends will gather in the Meeting House for a Concert of Prayer at 6 PM in room 227. We are a congregation that values prayer and see the need to schedule corporate times of intercession throughout the year.

What is a Concert of Prayer? Great question ...I am glad you asked ;-) It is a worship service devoted to prayer. A theme is chosen, scripture related to the theme is read, some volunteers will lead the group in public prayers for special concerns related to our church and world, and private prayer will take place as well throughout the service. We will conclude the evening with a time of singing and celebration.

Our theme this weekend centers on Micah 6:8. Please pre-read the passage and pray for God's blessing to fall upon our time together. I hope to see you Sunday evening and thanks for stopping by!

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