Monday, November 2, 2009

I John 1:5-10 summary

In verse five of the first chapter of John's First Epistle the author introduces a two-fold test Christians can use to determine if they possess correct doctrine and practice right behavior according to God's standards. The first part of the two-fold test is fellowship (1:5-2:29). In this section of scripture John begins by stating that "walking in the Light is a true sign of fellowship and that true Christians walk in the Light.

First we must ask, what do these key words (Light, darkness, fellowship, walk) mean in the context in which John uses them?
Light - (phos, Greek) meaning is the only source of illumination.

Darkness - (skotia, Greek), meaning dimness or obscurity.

Walk - (peripateo, Greek), meaning to be occupied with; as proof of ability; to deport oneself; to be the companion of.

Fellowship - (koinonia, Greek), meaning intimate participation with; social intercourse (Strong's N. T. Word Dictionary); benefactor.

Jesus Christ is "the Word of life" (1:1). He is the Word (Logos, Greek) meaning the full revelation of God and the source of life (zoe, Greek - literally meaning the life of God or eternal life). John is writing these words so his readers can experience the fullness of God's life that comes only through a relationship with Jesus Christ (1:4).

As the Light of the world, Jesus Christ is the only source of God's life. There is nothing more one needs (no darkness remains) to have God's life than to have intimacy with Jesus. Intimacy requires a deporting of self however. Intimate participation with Jesus only occurs through full surrender (consecration) of self. Only then will Christians see and experience Jesus Christ completely without obscurity (fullness of joy). Only when Christ's life is imparted through the full consecration to Jesus will the Christian become the full benefactor (fellowship) of God's life.

My testimony:
I asked Jesus Christ to forgive me of my sins before I entered High School. After doing so, I knew if I died that I would go to heaven and yet I did not have peace and joy in my life. Later on however, I discovered from the Bible a need I had for a deeper working of God that comes only through full surrender to God and a request to be filled with the perfect love of Jesus Christ. At that time Christ imparted His love into my life and I how have peace and joy.

What say you?

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