Monday, November 30, 2009

I John 2:7-11 summary

Based upon my research of I John 2:7-11 (which I posted last week) I think John is telling his readers the following:

(7) My fellow earthlings, there is no difference between any of us though our color, race or creed may vary. We are all from the womb of a woman and we should look out for the needs of one another. Loving and caring for the needs of people is what Jesus practiced and we should do the same. It was the passion which drove Him to do what He did and it was the command He gave us to obey, a mission to fulfill.

(9) Any one who has had the love of Christ fill his heart will be sensitive to the needs of others. They will not turn a blind eye or deaf ear to their pain or need but will reach out to them as Jesus did. (11) Those who do not care for the needs of others simply prove that Christ's love has not yet purged their heart and that they have not yet found the real purpose and meaning to life.

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