Friday, July 31, 2009

Sunday Night Bible Study Notes

This Sunday I invite you to join us at the church at 6 pm for Bible Study, prayer and fellowship. This week's study topic is on "Fear." In preparation for the study I would like for you to read Luke 12:32, I John 4:18, Matthew 6:31-33, and Philippians 4:6-7.

Fear controls many people's lives today. Even when they are not conscious of it. Others try to organized their entire lives around maintaining enough control so they do not feel afraid.

The problem often begins in childhood. Many of us were taught as kids that with hard work, careful planning, the right education, job or spouse, etc., we can determine our own destiny and have peace of mind. NOT!

Man's attempt to be free of fear always falls short. Despite our best efforts, it seems that we are always just one unexpected turn of events away from disaster. Jesus outlines an antidote for experiencing freedom from fear.

What do you think the antidote for fear is from the above passages? I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Sunday night. See you then and thanks for stopping by!

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